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Hello to Conor's Fans Everywhere!

Wherever you are in the United States, you might be interested to know there are readers your age in Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom enjoying Conor's story too! Readers from countries like Sweden and Norway may be joining in the fun soon!

Since Conor's popularity is spreading I decided it's about time to start a fan page. I'm not exactly sure what I'll include, but I promise I'll work hard on it through the holidays. Remember to check back periodically and see if any new items have been added.

Thanks to all of you, Conor will some day become a worldwide phenomenon - YOU ARE AWESOME!


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#1 Fan's Review!

Ryan Floyd



I chose Dalton Parish as Conor because he looks lot like how Conor is described and how I picture him to be. Conor is described to be ten years old and tall.  Well, Dalton is tall and ten or eleven. He would be physically perfect for the part. Conor is also described as brave, courageous, heroic and caring. I believe that Dalton could portray all of the traits that Conor is.

          I chose Alexis Bledel as the Lady of the Light because she looked like she fit the description. The Lady of the Light typically glows and has black hair and wears a white dress. If Alexis Bledel got in a white dress with added special effects, she would be perfect. The Lady of the Light is also described as kind, cheerful and hopeful. I think Alexis could be as good as the Lady of the Light playing herself and that’s why I chose her.

I first found the Conor and the Crossworlds books at a library celebration at the Clairemont library. The first, second and third books were out at that time and my dad bought book #1for me called “Breaking the Barrier”. As soon as I was finished with the book, I actually cried. It was so sad that it tugged at my heart and I was hooked. I somehow (I forgot how) got Kevin Gerard’s (the author) email address and I, over time, became his #1 fan. He put quotes from fans in the book from emails he had gotten and my quote (I emailed him) is in the 4th book! I got him to come to my school and speak a few times in front of the whole school, describing and selling his books. He is now working on the 6th book. He is also a local author.

          Conor and the Crossworlds is about a boy, 10 years old, named Conor who goes on a magical journey with a giant cougar named Purugama. He meets several other characters, like The Lady of the Light, Therion and Ajur. Conor’s uncle had died recently and Purugama was told by The Lady of the Light to lead Conor on a journey that would help him understand why his uncle died and how to deal with his death.

          The Lady of the Light is a creator or a god-like figure who leads the champions (giant cats) on journeys to find other champions and save the Crossworlds, where everyone and everything lives. Purugama is a giant cat with wings who is Conor’s mentor and leads him through world after world, going through portals called corridors that come out in different worlds. There are also destroyers, who are evildoers, who try to destroy the Crossworlds and all corridors. Without the corridors, the Crossworlds would be no more. It makes no sense that the destroyers would want to destroy their own planet. Everyone’s planets are part of the Crossworlds. So if they destroy all corridors they destroy themselves.

          Book five is much later when Conor is about 16 and is in the process of becoming a fully-fledged champion. To explain, Conor is the relative of the first champion who was the companion to the Lady of the Light. The relative, named Trolond Tar was also her lover.

Conor has a girlfriend named Janine, who was introduced in the third book. From then on, she was involved in everything Conor did in the Crossworlds. Conor told her about the Crossworlds and released a terrible evil by doing so. The creators told him not to tell anyone about the Crossworlds but he had so much feeling for Janine that he had to share it with her. She fits into the fifth book by being there as his companion and worrying about Conor and what he is doing.

The fifth book is about the evil lord of the galaxy named Shordano who has discovered a weapon. It shoots one certain corridor that resembles a black hole. The corridor is aimed at the earth but there are some planets in the way, so it shoots through the universe swallowing those planets. As it comes to earth, the creators try to hold it off until Conor arrives, who they hope can destroy it.

The Circle of Evil (the evil group of three that used to be more than three) sent an assassin to kill Conor. His name was Nemelissi and he was a basic killing machine. He had amazing abilities. He could mold his skin into living creatures that would attack Conor. He could also form his skin into sharp spikes and shoot them at anything (including Conor). They battled through most of the book.

Conor received the power of the Equinox, the best power source in the Crossworlds. Only a relative of Trolond Tar could possess such power. Conor basically is Trolond Tar but not fully a champion. In order to become a full champion, he has to save the earth one final time, as he has saved the earth many times before. That’s just very difficult because anytime he turns around something attacks him.

I thought it was interesting that the title of the book is “The Author of All Worlds” and the Author of All Worlds is actually Kevin Gerard himself. He wrote himself in the book! The Author of All Worlds is basically the person who makes the Crossworlds to do what the Crossworlds do. He is the controller of the Crossworlds. He doesn't know that he is the Author of All Worlds. He’s just writing the book of Conor and the Crossworlds book five, when out of the blue, Conor and Purugama came to his house (in the book) after he wrote it (in the book) so it's like it actually happening. At the end of the book Kevin loses his power over the Crossworlds and hands all the decision making to the Lady of the Light. It’s very interesting.

 Let me introduce you to the champions: there's Purugama, the winged cougar and Conor’s mentor. Maya, the leader, was a housecat (in real life and the book) and Kevin’s neighbors’ deceased cat (who was alive before he wrote book one). There’s also Eha, the fun loving, always happy, champion, who I believe was a black cougar and Therion the strong, tall, large, colorful Sumatran tiger. Of them all, I like Purugama the best because he’s a winged cougar and because of the awesome power he has.

I wish I could be Conor in the Conor and the Crossworlds series because I really connect with him and he has the best powers of the entire book series. Also I wish I could be in the movie if people ever made a movie for Conor. It would be like how they made movies for the Harry Potter books. It has the storyline to make it widely loved. If they make a movie I hope it won’t be different from the story like other movies from books. Take Percy Jackson the book and Percy Jackson the movie. The book and the movie are a lot different.

I’ve gone through five books in the series and I can’t wait for Kevin to write his next one! I would suggest anyone who likes adventure try to read this book it’s so awesome and exiting. Perhaps I could invite Kevin Gerard to come to P.B. middle and talk about being a writer and to sell his books.




“I have been reading the series since Kevin came by my school.
It was and will be full of emotion, exciting characters, and meaning.
All the books have great plots, and I can barely wait for the next couple of books.
Conor is a perfect mixture Harry Potter, Bobby Pendragon, and Percy Jackson.”
Wesley –
Indio, California