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Conor and the Crossworlds,

Book Five: The Author of All Worlds

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"I am so very impressed. I remember the darkness from the third book more than anything, although the second book had such cool fight scenes and characters. This story is pure pleasure for me, I think because it was quite visual and exciting, but also very tender. The ending was absolutely amazing, it evoked all the feelings you would expect from an extremely well-written fantasy. Karen Tierrasanta, California




All elements for the final confrontation have been assembled. The Circle of Evil has launched a weapon so devastating that even the combined powers of the Council of Seven may not be able to halt its advance. Entire worlds are vanishing from the system, taking with them the vital organic connections needed for interplanetary travel. The council has been briefed, the Lady of the Light has departed for the glade of champions, and Conor cannot fathom how the course of his life is about to be altered yet again.

Conor and Janine have settled into a college environment, she studying chemistry and he working toward a teaching career and demolishing opponents on the Redwood State soccer field. Their world will once again be transformed by events beyond their comprehension. Reluctant at first to leave their home, the youngest champion of the crossworlds and his companion finally agree to return to the glade for one final journey.

Entire worlds are disappearing in a linear course directed straight at the planet earth. The creators must stop the weapon before it can cause irreparable damage to the essential organic connections between the worlds in the system. Something else lurks beneath the Circle of Evil's strategy, however, something even more sinister and desperate. Conor joins the great cougar, Purugama, one last time hoping to save the author of all worlds from annihilation. He leaves the love of his life on earth, hoping the creators, the champions, and he and his longtime mentor successfully complete their journeys.



Meet interior artist Jennifer Fong. Click the thumbnails of her illustrations.
These will appear in Book Five: The Author of All Worlds.
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Jennifer Fong - Illustrator
Jennifer Fong

Hello all, my name is Jen, I'm 26, a born and raised San Diego native. I've been drawing since I was about 5, and always knew I wanted to pursue a life that revolved around art. My family has always been very supportive in all the things I am passionate about. I work as a graphic artist at a company I love and spend much of my time doing my personal art as well.

I try to keep my life balanced between work and play, definitely squeezing in as much fun as I possibly can. Most of my time is spent amongst friends and family, listening to music, doing artsy stuff, going to concerts, and being outside, enjoying our gorgeous sunny weather. I love road trips, hiking and trying different foods from all over the world and wandering the city.

What I love most about illustrating for the Conor and Crossworlds series is that it allows my imagination to run wild in directions that I would not normally escape to.  Kevin has a strong vision and it brings me great joy to be able to bring it to life visually.